About the Organization

BTCL Ideal School (Formerly T&T High School) was established in 1966 with the aim of making students well-educated, capable citizens. Practical, relevant, scientific and qualitative, ethical and value oriented education is the main aim of this institution.

Organization Name: BTCL Ideal School

Naming: According to the name of Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited.

Date of establishment: 1966 AD.

Location: Mogbazar, Beside BTCL Officer Colony.

Building: 6 storey building- 1, 5 storey building- 1, 3 storey building- 1, 2 storey building- 1 and Semi mature is a sports club.

Number of teachers: 56 people.

Employees: 12 people.

Number of students: 1800 and above.


            Morning: Girls- 07:00 to 11:50 and

            Day: Boys- 11:55 to 05:30

Department: Science and Business Education.

Library: Rich library with over 2,000 books.

Laboratories: Well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Computer Lab: Sheikh Russell Digital Computer Lab.

Satata Store: An integrity store with educational stationery to help students learn honesty, ethics and values.

Canteen: Canteen with essential items and quality food for students.

Mosque: A modern mosque adjacent to the school for students to pray. Where the Muslim students of the day branch are taught the Zohar prayer along with the congregation in the mosque.

Sports Club: There is a sports club with modern toys for children students.

Co-curricular Activities: Cultural Week, Speech, Debate and Essay Competition, Educational Tour, Annual Sports Program, National Day Celebration, Fresher's Day, Parents' Day, Special Dua and Prayer etc. co-curricular activities are conducted.

Security: The establishment has cleverly constructed boundary walls. The establishment is covered by CCTV and has round-the-clock security guards. Students' presence and absence are informed to the parents through SMS every day.

Commitment: We are committed to providing quality education to every student.

Contact: Phone: +880 1816 050917, Email: tandthsm@yahoo.com