Speech of Headmaster

Md. Mojibur Rahman - Headmaster

BTCL Ideal School is one of the leading institutions for the education in Bangladesh. The institution is providing quality education to build the next generation as skilled manpower. The institution has adopted digital technology for teaching and learning to cope up with the pace of fast changing world.

BTCL Ideal School opened its website in 2010 soon after receiving government instructions to do so. It is enriched with latest notices and news of the institutions, teachers and administrative information, admission, and extracurricular activities. The website is also linked with its official Facebook page, Digital Content hub, Admission application platform, and with the Management Information System (MIS) of this institution.

BTCL Ideal  School is determined to build our students as future leaders who can combat the challenges of the digital world. May Allah help us achieve the sacred objectives of this institution qualitatively

Md. Mojibur Rahman

BTCL Ideal School

Maghbazar, Dhaka